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Him at his house

Bill O'Reilly is a guy on TV who hosts The O'Reilly Factor, which is a show where he interviews old people. Bill O'Reilly has been in many controversies, and was caught on tape swearing at an intern.


Bill O'Reilly was born in New York City when it was still new. As a young boy, he played games, not video shames, but games, like ball in a cup and stick champion, he is that old! He went to college at Harvard because the dean of the school had an affair with his father, and to cover it up, he had him go to school for free. At college, he got on the football team as the extra 3rd string punter. He only was involved in one play during his college football career, and the only reason he was playing was because the Harvard team was purposely trying to loose to win a bet. He was terrible at all of his classes, but the dean had the grades changed to cover up his gay affair. After college, he met Salem girl, acted like a sexist, and got dumped. He then got a job at Burger King, but he didn't like his boss because he was black. He eventually got fired for being racist. Fox News heard of this legendary, racist/sexist man, and made it their primary goal to hire him, unfortunately, he was hired by the local Scranton news channel at ABC, but he flipped out at an intern and was fired. That is when Fox News was finally able to hire him. At Fox News, he hosted the O'Reilly Factor, which is the number one news show for twelve years running. While at Fox News, he wrote lotsa ridiculous books that lotsa weird people buy.


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