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Cquote1.png We're gonna do it. We're gonna cut off Miraheze's air supply. Cquote2.png
Your typical Wikia Staff member.
Cquote1.png Wikia was a mistake. Cquote2.png
Angela Beesley

Wikia (also known as Fandom Powered By Wikia because yeah) is the creator and ruler of many wikis that are on the internet. Wikia provides "free" wiki hosting in exchange for your soul. Wikia was created by Jimbo Wales and Angela Beesley in 2004. It was originally called "Wikicities", but in 2006, Geocities sent a nasty letter to them, so they changed their name to "Wikia".

In 2008, Wikia was acquired by escaped Nazis, who proceeded to ruin it completely.

What Wikia would look like if Jimbo and Angela hadn't left.
Wikia recruitment van.

Wikia's worst most unremarkable accomplishment to date is the creation of the UnAnything Wiki. Wikia, because of some stupid reason, agreed to host the UnAnything Wiki. This is considered to be the most stupidest thing Wikia has ever done (and Wikia has done a lot of stupid things).


  • Wikia sucks.
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