Weirdest Movie Ever

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This movie is so weird, so it is called the Weridest Movie Ever. It is made by Bowser Studios.

Plot of Weirdness[edit]

Mario and Luigi was walking on a glitchy plan, until Bowsah came and said " Mah life bar is OVAH 9000. " Then he danced Guiyii`s Wrath, until Guiyii came and pwned Bowser, but Bowser came back to life un pwnd him. Bowser laughed so much, but Nobody notices, so Bowser kills him. Mario drinks  too much Coffee, and becomes super. Then, Bowser becomes angry and spits out much Seizure, making Mario dizzy. Luigi carries Mario on his back, and Bowser chases him over the entire Earth, spreading chaos. This scene is 10 minutes. After much chasing, an Angry Mob chases after them, killing Mario and Luigi. BOWSAH HAS WON AGAIN.

Trivia of Weridness[edit]

  • You was going to appear in the movie.
  • At the beggining of the movie, George W. Bush was a bush.
  • This movie is weird.
  • Bowser is a deadly monster.
  • Dinosaurs are weird.

So are you...


Bowser was the first one to see this movie, and he liked it. Biased Ratings gave it a 9000/9000 `cuse they didn`t want Super Eviler Bowser to kill them.