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Look out for this guy! He is even eviler than that annoying regular troll.
It's Half Watroll. At least he is only half as evil as Watroll.

The birth of WaTroll[edit]

One day Troll was wandering around looking for a victim to troll. When he walked past an alley way, the WaScientist dragged him into a rocket and took him to WaWorld. When they both got to WaWorld, the troll was dragged into the WaLabs and shoved into the Wa-Machine(An evil device that creates wa-clones of whoever or whatever is inside. When the WaScientist pressed the button, the Wa-Machine created an evil wa-clone of the troll, the WaTroll.

The life of WaTroll[edit]

After being created he went off and started trolling and murdering everyone in existence except for two types of people. Awesome people like Chuck Norris. He also doesn't troll or murder fellow wa-people and wa-things. This went on for 50 years. People were getting sick of this guy. They decided to troll the watroll! They went to WaWorld in a rocket ship and pulled a troll deadly to wa-people. While he was talking to the WaScientist Chuck Norris came up behind him and kicked him into the Wa-machine. Regular troll erased him by using the Wa-machine's reverse clone button. The Wa-Machine did indeed create a reverse clone. His name is Half-WaTroll.