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Giphy-1.gif G O $ Q U I W A R D

Music used:Potion Shop - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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About me

I am indeed turtley enough for the turtle club.


Gender: Hermaphrodite.
Hair color: I'm bald.
Eye color: Sexy.
Species: Starfish.
Home: Under a rock.
Death: Never.
Likes: You
Dislikes: You
Education: IQ: 160
Occupation: I am the one who knocks.
UnRank: Infinity.

My Favorite Pages

  • Darwin Watterson
  • Bruce Lee
  • Bowser
  • Super Mario Super Show
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Plankton: The Shame Two
  • Mabel
  • Super Smash Bros. FAIL
  • New Mario
  • Patrick Star
  • Mario Mart


I am currently #4 on the LeaderBoard and my main mission is to get above Captain-Nonsense. I highly doubt I'll be at the top.

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Homer Simpson

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