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The known UnUniverse. All of the little baby galaxies are down their in the shape of a Troll.

The UnUniverse is a weird place. It's what we say when we mean every last bit of the universe we live in. The UnWorld is in the UnUniverse, as well as every other planet there is. Outer space is in the UnUniverse (WWWEEEEEEEEE!). Every place that exists is in the UnUniverse. The only way something isn't in the UnUniverse is if it's in one of the other dimensions. The UnUniverse is the bulk of the UnMultiverse. This is one of the few the universes where cartoon characters exist and it's unknown why they don't exist in the Real World.


Main article: Timeline of the UnUniverse

In the beginning, God created the UnUniverse and created life, planets, and resources This was over 9,000,000,000 years ago. After it was created, some stuff started gathering, planets were created, Satan was created by God, Giygas appeared, a lot of weird stuff happened. Eventually, the UnUniverse came to what we know today.