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The Troll-shaped UnUniverse, basis of all other universes.

The UnMultiverse is the collection of all UnUniverses in existence, as well as all pocket dimensions. This is some serious stuff that was discovered by Albert Einstein.

The UnMultiverse has existed since before time began. No, even before that. It is believed that even Chuck Norris was not alive when any of this crap was here. But it was all empty space. But then some big bang of some sort happened and the UnUniverse was born. Since then, 2 other universes have been created; Heaven and Hell. The ruler of the UnMultiverse is Chuck Norris and the Undefeatables. The UnUniverse is located in the much larger UnOmniverse.

Universes of the UnMultiverse[edit]

  1. UnUniverse - The basis of the entire UnMultiverse, and the first universe to ever exist.
    1. Flat Zone - A weird place no mortal can explore.
    2. Internet - The internet is a magical place. A disturbing, horrifying magical place.
    3. Minecraft - Pocket dimension created by Notch because he forgot to trim his fingernails.
    4. Seussville - Pocket dimension created by Dr. Seuss to store his hideous creations.
  2. Heaven - A land where all of your wishes come true.
  3. Hell - A land of eternal torture and suffering.
    1. Nightmare Dimension - A scary land where all nightmares come true.
    2. Dimension 666 - An area of Hell, later promoted to a pocket dimension.

Not really a universe[edit]


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