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Would you like to start an edition of UnAnything in your language? These basic steps are intended to provide an easy guide to setting up a localized Referata wiki for UnAnything. There are four main stages to launching, that should take a total of between five and ten hours of work (depending on how fast a translator you are).

Get involved[edit]

Before starting your own language edition, create a Wikia and/or Referata account and start editing on one of the existing editions. Get in contact with the existing community and let them know about your plans, preferably by "incubating" your new language in Project:Language Projects or adding your ideas to Project:Other UnAnything versions.

Initial translations[edit]

The following is a list of the most essential pages, the basic framework of a new UnAnything wiki.

Translate these pages and publish the resulting articles on this wiki. You can use subpages of your user page for that purpose, and link to these pages from your language section at Project:Other UnAnything versions. You may also want to start translating an initial set of articles.

"Go live"[edit]

If the necessary translations have been completed, you can request the new language edition on Project:Other UnAnything versions.

Kamafa will handle the rest and, typically, a new Referata site will be created within a week. Before any additions are made to the new edition, a request will be made to Wikia staff to add in the relevant interwiki links to the English version.

You will be granted administrator access to that new language edition. At the same time, one or more of the existing English UnAnything users, chosen by the international community and preferably those speaking the language, will be granted bureaucrat access. Stay in contact with the community and your co-administrators, as both will be able to help you in case of further problems with your wiki.

An administrator or moderator from the English UnAnything version will hold administrative rights on each international version in order to proper support necessary changes to CSS, JS, or Mediawiki pages.

Please note that all members of the UnAnything family are required to adhere the URL style for their basename (language-code.unanything.wiki-hosting-service.tld).

Further translations[edit]

Invite a few friends and online acquaintances (perhaps people you know from other wikis) to help populate the initial pages of the new wiki. At this stage, the wiki is essentially functional, but it's mostly empty, and might be confusing to many visitors. You should now start translating other useful pages like these:

  • Articles about Undefeatables
  • WANTED articles

The MediaWiki User's Guide is a good place to get the appropriate material outside of UnAnything itself.

Promote your new wiki[edit]

Add a link to the list of UnAnything language editions. Congratulations, your new edition is now ready for the public!