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UnAnything Team working on a problem they just can't figure out.

The UnAnything Team are a bunch of stupid humans who try and FAIL to document all the stuff in the UnUniverse. In fact, I am a member of the UnAnything Team. I'm so stupid, I just called myself stupid. As you can see, we are not the most professional news team/scientists/idiots/writers. However, the UnAnything Team is solely responsible for the greatest wiki of all time.

The UnAnything Team was formed all the way back in 2007 as a vigilante group of super-action hero ninja guys. Back then they were simply known as "The Team". Eventually they realized they were not super-action hero ninja guys, and became the UnMario Team. But then the UnWar took place, and the group split. A few remained in the UnMario Team while the rest joined the UnAnything Team under Captain 0.

The UnAnything Team trained for thousands of years (thanks to a hole Chuck Norris kicked in the space-time continuum). Though the training accomplished absolutely nothing, the UnAnything Team believed themselves to be even more awesome. Today, the UnAnything Team runs around like the group of idiots it has always been, pretending to be actually accomplishing something. It has been recently found out they're absolutely not unfunny

UnAnything Headquarters[edit]

UnAnything Headquarters.

UnAnything Headquarters are located somewhere across the galaxy. There are 8 UnAnything Headquarters because there are 8 letters in the word "UnAnything". 2 of the UnAnything Headquarters are destroyed by Captain 1. We are currently working on the 2 UnAnything Headquarters. The constructions of the 2 UnAnything Headquarters are expected to end in 2030.