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UnAnything Main Page circa December 2013

The UnAnything Wiki (often called UnAnything) is the greatest landmark of all the Interwebs. It is run by us: the UnAnything Team. Our mission? rid the world of these things called "facts", and replace them with our own biased and inaccurate research. We are now at 3,447 articles, including this one. Yes, we have an article about ourselves. I mean, who else would be so arrogant as to have an article about itself?


First Era of UnAnything (January 2010-October 2010)[edit]

The UnAnything Wiki was first formed on January 6, 2010 as a result of the UnWar. After the UnMario Wiki fell to vandals and spammers, refugees sought out to find a new land where they could take the ideas of UnMario, and build them up bigger, better, and badder than ever before. This place was UnAnything. UnAnything gained its independence from UnMario shortly afterwards. 

This era first started with the creation of the wiki by Yoshikoopa. He was also accompanied by his apostles Javilus and Smbzfan2.

Second Era of UnAnything (October 2010-May 2011)[edit]

After the UnWar ended, the small band of UnAnything Warriors began to grow weak. The land remained abandoned and dying. Edits were minimal, users were hard to find. These were the dark ages of UnAnything.

During this time the UnAnything Wiki was protected by Mr. Guy and TheLohoped.

UnAnything Wiki being destroyed by Captain 1.

Third Era of UnAnything (May 2011-December 2013)[edit]

It seemed that UnAnything was doomed to be nearly abandoned forever. Captain 1 enslaved inhabitants UnAnything. But then the third era of UnAnything began when Thebiguglyalien and Weirdowithcoffee (later Cheese Lord) stepped onto the scene. These two magnificent, amazing, and brilliant users changed the very way UnAnything worked. A huge portion of UnAnything's content was formed during this era. Captain Nonsense and Seacactus were also notable administrators at this time. 

Fourth Era of UnAnything (December 2013-Today)[edit]

UnAnything featured in "Around Wikia's Network".

The fourth era was marked by a sudden increase of users and activity. At this point, the UnAnything Team of the First Era was nearly nonexistent. Thebiguglyalien and Seacactus stayed. PikachuDylan and AwesomeGamer670 also became administrators at this point. Due to Thebiguglyalien's initiative to advertise the wiki, new users began to find the wiki during this era.