The Scratch Cat

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OMG He is so EVIL.

The Scratch cat is an evil cat thing that hypnotizes kids with his evil shame creating program, also called Scratch, so he can defeat Chuck Norris. However, he is defeated every time and fails epically all the time and is a N00b. He was the failed result of testing cocaine on mentally-ill cats.

The Scratch cat is named after his ability to scratch everyone, and the fact that he tries (and fails) to scratch OVER 9000 people every day. These attempts of scratching people usually result in the scratch cat getting kicked, flying, and landing in something painful. He has died even more than Kenny.

Someone's dying today.

The Scratch cat can actually fly very well. He flies all the time. All he needs to do to fly is come in contact with a foot. The scratch cat finds this very easy to do.

He hates everyone. Everyone hates him. His lea-er, most recognizable achievements are directing the film Paraboring Inactivity, creating Scratch and being the star in The Scratch Cat's Idiot Journey. He somehow, one time, killed a very^100 weak moron, but that was only because he discovered the secret of Hulking Flex toast style. He was also then kicked 5 miles right after killing him and forgot all about Hulking Flex. Today he gets beat up a lot and lives in a unknown area plotting to kill Chuck Norris.


  • His website was meant to be a "gateway drug" for elementary school kids, so that when they grew up, they would get addicted to more powerful websites like Facebook and Youtube. However, it eventually became inhabited by people of high school age or older, who wanted to animate and program stuff, but were too broke to afford Adobe Flash or even a Goanimate membership.

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  • His website. Warning: This website is VERY addictive, and creating an account to make a single project will cause you to suddenly become inactive on Wikia/Fandom because you're up all night using Scratch. (But it does cure Wikia addictions...)