The Twelve Homestuck Trolls

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How they appear, you can totally see their names under their visual appearances.

The Twelve Homestuck Trolls are a group of heroic trolls who fight for justice and stuff. Each of them represents a Zodiac Sign; the members consist of (From sign 1 to sign 12): Aradia Megido (Aries), Tavros Nitram (Taurus), Sollux Captor (Gemini), Karkat Vantas (Cancer), Nepeta Leijon (Leo), Kanaya Maryam (Virgo), Terezi Pyrope (Libra), Vriska Serket (Scorpio), Equius Zahhak (Sagittarius), Gamzee Makara (Capricorn), Eridan Ampora (Aquarius), and Feferi Peixes (Pisces).

Their leader is Karkat Vantas.

While of them represented a Zodiac Sign, and a set of 3 Zodiac Signs represented 1 element. The team is sometimes divided into subgroups based on the element. Four of them represent a cardinal direction, half of which are leaders of an elemental team, the other half aren't.

They also recently made a large alliance between them and AkaRed known as the Sentai-Homestuck League.

Homestuck Air Team[edit]

Sollux Captor (Gemini) (The leader)

Terezi Pyrope (Libra) (West)

Eridan Ampora (Aquarius)

Homestuck Earth Team[edit]

Tavros Nitram (Taurus) (The leader)

Kanaya Maryam (Virgo)

Gamzee Makara (Capricorn) (South)

Homestuck Fire Team[edit]

Aradia Megido (Aries) (East) (The leader)

Nepeta Leijon (Leo)

Equius Zahhak (Sagittarius)

Homestuck Water Team[edit]

Karkat Vantas (Cancer) (North) (The leader)

Vriska Serket (Scorpio)

Feferi Peixes (Pisces)

The Cardinal Directions[edit]

As you just read, Libra represents the West, Capricorn represents the South, Aries represents the East, and Cancer represents the North. So that means that according to their Zodiac Signs, Terezi Pyrope represents the West, Gamzee Makara represents the South, Aradia Megido represents the East, and Karkat Vantas represents the North.

After that, they settled democracies in different countries. Terezi settled hers in Panama, Gamzee settled his in Peru, Aradia settled hers in China (It's no longer communist! Yay!), and Karkat settled his in Norway.