The First Sprite War

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The First Sprite War







Spritopia is almost destroyed and all sides fall into ruins

Major battles
  • The Battle of Pixelania
  • The Battle of Dee Hill
  • The Flag Battle
  • And several others

The Koopa Republic

New Dream Land

The Confederacy of Peace

And a few minor groups


General Kooper

General Dee

General Shroom

(Creatively named, aren't they?)

The First Sprite War was a large war that lasted for two years. Several opposing pixelated factions fought it out in a battle for supremacy on the sprite world. Nobody saw any end in sight for the first year, and the second year was just more fighting.

Cause of the War[edit]

Ice bullies from the Republic attack a Waddle Dee emplacement.

The beginning of the war came in 2001, though we must trace it back a very, VERY long time, to 2000. At this point, tensions were extremely high between the Koopa Republic and New Dream Land. By the time 2001 rolled around, the two nations were disagreeing about everything, and it was only a matter of time before the war began. Finally, on March 18, 2001, official war was declared.

Major Battles[edit]

The Battle of Pixelania[edit]

Immediately, the Koopa Republic targeted New Dream Land's capital city, Pixelania. However, defenses were high around the city, and the Republic troops were met with heavy resistance. After three days, though, the troops broke through - only to be mowed down by artillery turrets. A few managed to get through and lay waste to the enemy troops, but they were eventually killed.

The Battle of Dee Hill[edit]

The Koopas struck again, sending a hundred goombas followed by two hundred Koopa troops to capture a strategic point on the famous Dee Hill. Waddle Dees met them with deadly force, and after a day, both sides were down to only a few dozen men left. The Koopas started picking off the Waddle Dees with sniper rifles, and by 1340 hours Thursday evening, the Dee Hill troops were dead. The Republic had won an important battle.

The Flag Battle[edit]

A few weeks after the Dee Hill Incident, a few small factions formed. The largest of these was the Confederacy of Peace, commanded by General Shroom, a Toad escapee from UnWorld. The Confederacy mowed down over 5,000 troops in two months in the name of world peace. One fateful morning, the three powers met, each waving their flags high. The battle was long and bloody, but at last only a couple of bloodied troops on each side and their valiant flags remained. The troops decided to leave the enemy, each of the seven soldiers total allowed to live to fight another day.


A year and a half later, Spritopia was in ruins. Every side was down to less than 1,000 soldiers. A truce was called to discuss the carnage, and before long, the war was called off. The end. Whee.