Teletubby Land Acid Lake

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Acid Lake.jpg

The Teletubby Land Acid Lake is a large lake of a bizarre, color-changing (Green, pink, purple and orange, in random order) acid, located in Teletubby Land. Giygas' Kolk is usually found at the bottom of the lake. The acid is deadly to good guys, but immensely helpful if you're evil. For the latter it's tasty, power-boosting, turns clones into super-powered forms of themselves, and is a great spot to relax. The lake can never dry out, making it a valuable source of deadly chemicals for traps, experiments, and ingredients for Pie. It is possible that some of the salts found around this lake make are an ingredient in the brine of Weekend Pickles.

The acid lake is a very popular tourist attraction. Out of the seven tourists Teletubby Land receives every year, Po pushes five of them into the acid lake. The other two are usually just shot because Po is too lazy to bring them to the lake. The only famous person to ever go into the acid lake was Chuck Norris. However, he wasn't pushed into it... he just thought that it would be a nice place to go swimming and be alone. The Evil People come and bathe here. One guy actually peed into the lake, causing it to change color.

So Beware, or you will DIE!