Squadala Knight

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Cquote1.png SQUADALAAAA!!!! Now, you die. Cquote2.png
Squadala Knight, fighting in the 1st Ducky War
Squadala Knight leads the Squadala army

Squadala Knight was the main bodyguard of Squadala Man, and the commander of all military forces in the Squadala Empire. He had been trained for 1999 years, and wielded a sword made of diamond. He thought this makes him even cooler (it did). Squadala Knight also had a contract with Morshu, but didn't give a crap about it.

He lived in East Hyrule for some reason, even though he served Squadala Man. He hated Morshu's guts, but did whatever Morshu told him to do, as Squadala Man said this is how it should be. Morshu liked to tell Squadala Knight to beat himself to death, but Squadala Knight was so mad, he shot Energy Blasts at Morshu. Morshu kicked Squadala Knight for this.

He was last seen on a top secret mission in the Ducky Empire, spying on Ducky. But then he got distracted. It is believed Weegee agents killed Squadala Knight, but this is unconfirmed. Greegee and Hergee have been put in charge of the investigation, but they deny everything.

He was the only one to suspect that Ducky was one of the Bad People and part of The League of Extraordinary Capitalists, yet nobody listened, 'cause Everybody was too busy playing Call of Ducky: Black Ops.


Squadala Knight was a very powerful warrior, being able to kill 100 fully trained ninja cats in ten seconds, using only a very unique pineapple. He was also capable of leveling a building by bodyslamming it. Squadala Knight had been known to bench press 3 tons, but he might have been cheating, because he did that.