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The logo for Sony with the 3rd slogan.

Sony (aka $on¥) is a company that makes shames. It is not as popular as other companies, but it brings in money anyways.

Sony was founded in 1954 by Spyro. Spyro put himself in many shames, because who doesn't like playing as purple dragons? Spyro was very popular at first, but as time went by, people stopped liking the shames.

The Vice President of Sony, Crash Bandicoot, was tired of this. In 1968, he started the Sony Civil War. They fought for several years, until Crash finally murdered Spyro, and took over Sony. Sackboy then joined 5 seconds later. In honor of Spyro's memory, Sony continued to make Spyro shames occasionally.

Crash Bandicoot and Sackboy led Sony exactly how Spyro did, except Crash was on everything and Sackboy can't do shet.

Companies owned by $on¥[edit]

  • Sony Pictures (aka Columbia, TriStar, Screen Gems, etc. etc.): Makes evil movies to brainwash people, like The Emoji Movie.
    • Sony Pictures Television: Makes the TV game shows "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy", which are the only good things to come out of $on¥.
  • Sony Music: A company which is responsible for a lot of music worse than anything Justin Bieber made. Before he made Despacito, which is the worst song ever.
    • Sony Music USA: Installed malware on people's computers in 2005-2007 by hiding it on music CDs, so that instead of opening Windows Media Player when put inside a computer, it installed Bonzi Buddy and a bunch of other crap.
    • Sony Music India: A Youtube channel created by Sony to rival the "popularity" of T-Series.
    • Sony Music Japan: The most greedy subsidiary of Sony. Got Siivagunner terminated, because they don't understand Fair Use.

Shaming Systems[edit]

The Mottos[edit]

  1. Prepare To Fly. (changed because of 9/11)
  2. Yes You Can (changed because Windows XP bought the slogan rights)
  3. We Rock Hard (changed because of Cocaine Man)
  4. Make Belive (fakeness problem)
  5. Balloon Soar High (Balloon Boy attack / inflation fetish)
  6. I'm A Banana! ([censored] plaintain problem)
  7. Don't Mess With Our Halos (black angels were created)
  8. Change Your World