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The possible silhouette of Somebody.
Not to be confused with Anybody.

Somebody is a person. He/she is a person who lives somewhere and does stuff. He or she is related to Anybody but isn't related to Nobody. Somebody, like his/her kin, has yet to be exactly identified. The UnAnything Team are trying all they can to find this individual. Currently out searches are not turning up any results, but the only research we've done is something about a monkey eating DINNER which somehow resulted in an explosion destroying our only lab.

Somebody also told You the Unworld was gonna roll us,and that we aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

Physical Traits[edit]

The details of Somebody's physical appearance are rather consistent from the accounts of his/her many sightings, but they are too ambiguous for us to find the real Somebody.

  • Two eyes (possibly)
  • A nose (assumed)
  • At least one limb (likely)
  • Existence (probably)
  • Height above four feet five inches (widely accepted)
  • Hair on head (speculated)
  • Average strength (debatable)
  • The ability to speak (attributed trait)


People have said that they have witnessed Somebody doing these things. Here is a list of what is plausible to us.

  • Somebody is familiar with Wikia.
  • Somebody owns a computer.
  • Somebody has Internet access.
  • Somebody made this article.
  • Somebody typed this line.
  • Somebody is reading this article.
  • Somebody knows you.
  • Somebody knows me.
  • Somebody fought in the Old War.
  • Somebody is an editor of the UnAnything Wiki.
  • Somebody is anonymous.