Porky's Evil Plan

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Porky's Evil Plan is an evil plan developed by Porky Minch. Porky was interrogated by the lower council of the Undefetables and found the following plan in his pocket and typed this following page up,then burned the plan but Porky Minch hacked into their system and can't view the plan but here it is.

The Plan[edit]

  1. Possess Mabel and get her to punch Chuck Norris,
  2. They should start fighting,
  3. Inform Pigmask Army
  4. Order some troops to arrive from the army
  5. Have the troops bring the FNK Cyborg
  6. Have the troops distract the PINGAS
  7. Make Lollipop and Roundel kiss
  8. The previous step annihilates the Universe.
  9. Build New New Pork city in the &th Plane of existencez
  10. Troll evrewone with PINGAS

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