Po's Good Twin

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The Good Po

Po's Good Twin is a twin of Po. Unlike evil Po, Po's Twin is good. She Helps people that have been hurt by the other po.She Often hangs out with Good Laa-Laa and lives in Nice Teletubbyland.


Po's twin lived in evil Teletubby Land with Evil Teletubbies. She didn't like it there, so she escaped to Nice Teletubbyland where she first met Good Laa-Laa. They played with Good Laa-Laa's ball but she accidentally threw it at Good Tinky Winky which made him fall over laugh and say 'Uh Oh!' Po's twin then met him and took his bag. Good Tinky Winky chased her all over Nice Teletubbyland and eventually got it from her. They became friends. Po went inside the house known as the Tubby Dome, and explored it. She eventually found Good Noo-Noo and made friends.


Good Po is nice. I Mean VERY nice. she is always playing with Good Tinky Winky playing chasing with each other and having Tubby Toast together. Tinky Winky rides Po's scooter when he feels like it but she doesn't mind that.

She has a fruit loop of epicness on her head, which allows her to use Idiot Manipulation, albeit not as well as Evil Po. She can also create superballs, lizards, bubbles and rubber ducks from it.