The Old War

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A photo of soldiers during the Canadian Invasion.

The Old War was a series of Smaller conflicts fought by UnAmerica, Soviet Russia and the (semi) powerful Ducky Empire. The War was going to end when Mitt Romney was elected and apologized for Barack Obama's mistakes (most likely by starting a different war), but he wasn't elected and the war raged on until Trump got elected.

The War[edit]


The War started a week after Obama was made president. Dr. Robotnik had invited Obama to Soviet Russia for a party, but Obama was giving speeches about stuff so he didn't go. Dr. Robotnik was so angry he declared war on UnAmerica. Obama felt less manly so he declared war on the Ducky Empire.

New Spanish War[edit]

Obama's first move was to invade Spain so he could use it as a launching point for an invasion against the Ducky Empire. As Ducky had just given Spain back to the Spanish, he felt compelled to help the Spanish and drive back the UnAmericans. Despite threats of UnAmerican being bombed with Snowtomic Bomb the invasion went ahead anyway.

The War quickly devolved into a stalemate, with lots of people dying, getting wound and being turned into snowmen. In the end, Obama had his troops withdraw. However, the battle had just begun.

The Canadian Invasion[edit]

Obama felt insecure with RobotnikClause controlling Canada, so he invaded. Despite the Robotnik Wars, Dr. Robotnik came to help his cousin. The campaign went on for years and lots of people died. Once again, Obama was forced to withdraw, but now RobotnikClause was involved with the war

Modern Day[edit]

The Old War is still going today, however, UnAmerica apologized for its mistakes and seized fire.Now with Ducky threatening either a barrage of Snowtomic bombs or total invasion of Canada. Dr. Robotnik and RobotnikClause are no longer allies, the Robotnik Wars still fresh in their minds, and Squadala Man is rumored to be preparing an invasion the Ducky Empire to avenge the (rumored) loss of Squadala Knight.

An End in sight...?[edit]

...Nope, Ducky found Dark Ducky in the Squadala Empire. And so, the war goes on...

Just kidding.[edit]

Steve Jobs "accidentally" shot Ducky & Dark Ducky with an AK-47, and turned into a Pumkin. So the war ended. Ducky recovered and swore revenge until Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the election and the two sat down and played Call of Ducky 4: Modern Warfare, ending the war...again.