Okay Guy

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Cquote1.png Um, Okay. Cquote2.png
Okay Guy

Okay Guy is a guy who always say "Okay" even though no one is talking to him.

This is Okay Guy.

Early Life[edit]

When he was 3 years old. Him and his parents were walking to the mysterious forest to visit his grandmother's house (There's no cars back in his time because, he was born in the year 1500) . Until a witch named Rebecca Black cursed him. That's the reason why Okay Guy is always saying the word "Okay".

Why Is Okay Guy A Meme?[edit]

Okay Guy became a meme because, when Troll saw his picture in his Facebook account. Troll said that Okay Guy was good enough to be a meme. Okay Guy became rich and popular in the internet and he looks sad but that's just to make him really popular.