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Portrait of Nobody

Not to be confused with Anonymous

Nobody (nickname No One) is someone who is very mysterious, and no one knows what he/she looks like. He/She is believed to live Nowhere. Nobody doesn't make much of any notable appearances in the Mario series, yet he/she appears in most games. Nobody usually appears in the background, yet he/she is hard to see. Nobody is a lot like Oxygen, as you can't see them, yet they're still there. Nobody has a major appearance in Super Malleo Bros. Nobody also knows certain things you don't know before you do. He/She also knows a secret in Mushroom Black. Nobody also bothered to revived Colonel Sanders, yet the Colonel's still nowhere to be seen. Nobody is also known to like Bacon and ride a warp star. He/she is also known to be the brother/sister of Someone and Anybody.

Apparently, in the Pokemon series Nobody actually appears as a person, as he/she is not catch-able (unlike Micheal Jackson…). Malleo and Weegee were last seen with him. However, there is research going on if Nobody is a lifeform. In order to meet him, play The Stupid One Meets Nobody. Nobody is the most important person on all of UnAnything Wiki (including Chuck Norris, Captain 0, and the Teletubbies).

It is very likely that Squidward Tentacles encountered Nobody while in the Nowhere realm in the episode SB-129, as there were voices saying "Alone". When the King K. Rool Cannon isn't sucking somebody up it's always sucking up nobody.

List of people mistaken for Nobody[edit]