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Neo Cortex: Don't make this guy mad (unless you want to)

Doctor Neo Cortex (called Nee Nee by sheeps) is a Spartan scientist who is well known for inventing the light bulb, inventing the wheel (seventeen different times), breaking international laws by mutating animals, and being the stereotypical mad scientist, evil genius, and bed-wetter. Due to this, Neo Cortex is considered to be one of the greatest thinkers of our age.

Dr. Neo Cortex has published over ten thousand books about mutating innocent creatures, blowing stuff up, and preventing bed-wetting. For this he is often praised, and protested, often by the same people.


Dr. Cortex was born in Sparta a long time ago, before everyone invented guns and bombs (Cortex actually helped with that). He went to ancient military school, and was taught how to grab a spear, scream, and run in like an idiot. He dropped out of school, but later went back in because he forgot his house-key, but then was stuck there.

After he completed his education at school, Cortex joined the 300, and fought in various battles with them for twenty-seven years. The first notable battle he fought in was when the Spartans invaded outer space. He got trapped in outer space for three years before Leonidas noticed he was missing, and went to get him. Cortex continued to fight with the 300 for another few decades.

When the Spartans moved west, Neo saw opportunity. There was seemingly infinite unclaimed land just waiting for him to take over! He abandoned the 300 to live on what became N. Sanity Island. He waited patiently several years for the government to crumble, as it was ruled by Humans. When it did, he renamed the land Neo Cortex Rocks, and declared himself king.

As king of Neo Cortex Rocks, he could do whatever he wanted. He decided he wanted to be smart, so he started some studies, and became a doctor. He eventually became one of the greatest minds there are, even going to the length of testing animals. His fatal mistake occurred when he decided to make one almost human-like.

Neo Cortex kidnapped Crash Bandicoot, and took him into his lab. Crash became a monster, and overthrew Neo. He then retreated into the forest, living as a caveman. He tried to be evil several times, but Crash stopped him every time.