Mrs. Nesbitt

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Mrs. Nesbitt

Mrs. Nesbitt seen beating up Woody.

Gender: Male
Sexuality: 89% gay
Death: Drank tea poisoned by Brian Griffin
Likes: Tea parties
Dislikes: Woody
Education: Retired
UnRank: 10

Cquote1.png Don't you get it? You see the hat? I am Mrs. Nesbitt! [laughs hysterically] Cquote2.png
Mrs. Nesbitt

Mrs. Nesbitt is some guy who lives in the Ville of Nesbitia and looks a lot like Buzz Lightyear for some reason. He has beaten up Woody 27 times in under 9000 days. He appeared in Toy Story 1 and he will just appear in this movie. He is a minion of Kamafagee because Kamafagee mistook him for Buzz.


  • He has maniacal laughter. Like Muahahahahahahaha!
  • He has an amazing body.
  • He is known for killing toys and making them food for the potato monster!
  • He can do street magic by taking off his arm and placing it back without any pain (he secretly is in pain).
  • He is not related to Buzz Lightyear in any way.
  • He eats children in their sleep.
  • He was featured in the Shame Mrs. Nesbitt's Crazy PartyFile:Toy Story - Mrs. Nesbitt