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Cquote1.png Why risk your lives so recklessly!?!?!? Cquote2.png

Gender: Male
Eye color: Red
Species: Robot
Home: Cybertron
Death: Detroit, Michigan
AKA: Galvatron (Resurrected form)
Likes: communism
Dislikes: Autobots and other heroes.
Education: Didn't even have education because he refused to take it.
Occupation: Destroying everything.
Known For: Founding the infamous Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization
UnRank: 1,000,000

Megatron (Later Galvatron) is the leader of the Decepticons, as well as a member of the Warsaw Pact when he was Megatron and is also the supreme boss and founder of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization (More info below) after becoming Galvatron.

He and the Teletubbies formerly hated each other since Megatron was a Communist, and the Teletubbies were Nazis.

His resurrection as Galvatron.

He transformed into a gun, but then a tank.

After he got DIEded by Optimus Prime, he was later revived and legally changed his name to Galvatron by one of his allies Chin-Chin (Who would later become one of the bosses of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization).

Eventually, he signed an agreement with the Teletubbies that let Bob Saget, the Decepticons and the Vast Pokeforce visit Poland whenever they wanted. He later gave them back the Eastern portion of Poland and decided to work together. Then, he founded the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization.

As Galvatron, he had a new cannon mode, but then he became a jet because he hated being a non-vehicle.

He later encountered Thanos and discussed about uniting their organizations into one, and while the latter agreed on that on making the Quintessential Elemental Emperor Invasion Organization, the members were split into subgroups of five representing the Chinese Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) that had six members each per subgroup.

Galvatron is the nineteenth member to join the Quintessential Elemental Emperor Invasion Organization in general chronologically and is the first member and leader in the Metal Group.Template:Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization members Template:Quintessential Elemental Emperor Invasion Organization members