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Giygas working at McDonald's

McDonald's is a fast food restaurant chain founded and operated by Ronald McDonald. It is one of the largest fast food chains in the world, with locations in 74 countries. Biased Ratings rated it 3rd in 20 Best Places In The World. They then rated it 4th in 20 Places You Will Die At. McDonald's is currently protected by the McArmy.

Mcdonald's was founded when Ronald McDonald learned he could flip patties better than anyone else in the world. He opened McDonald's. However, he eventually decided not to use patties at all, but a bio-generated foam made to look like a patty. It's toxic, but WHO CARES?

After Ronald was shot, The King of Burgers and Wendy teamed up, and somehow owned McDonald's. They crashed it into the ground (literally). Ronald then recovered, and shot them both with his shotgun. The Elmo Gang plans to take control of this Hellish place, but have yet to enact it due to their total lack of organization.

Happy Meal[edit]

A bunch of Asian kids screaming the heck out of their crap when they heard McDonald's Spongebob Happy Meal talk.

A "Happy Meal" is one of the products McDonald's created. McDonald's Happy Meal was first founded in 1977. When Ronald McDonald decided to brain wash kids, he created the Happy Meal. It is a product from McDonald's created from stuff and crap.

One of the most popular Happy Meal characters is SpongeBob SquarePants, especially in Tokyo. As you can see in the right side of your screen, a bunch of 7-year-olds over-reacted when they heard Spongebob talk.


Happy Meals can really affect your brain. The invention of them is also one of the most evil thing McDonald's had done. Happy Meals are evil so i'm gonna remind you. Don't buy a Happy Meal.

Happy Meal is evil. You see the lady on the picture? She is HAPPY......


I would totally NOT buy that!

Item Description Chance It Will Kill You Price
Burger Bio-Foam in a bun with tomatoes, pickles and ketchup. Cheese is optional. 4% without cheese. 10% with cheese. $5
McDouble Two Bio-Foam patties in a burger 7% without cheese. 15% with cheese. $20
McTriple Three Bio-Foam patties in a burger 10% without cheese. 20% with it. $50
McOverdoingit Twenty Bio-foam patties in a burger 43% without cheese. 52% with cheese. $0.50
Big Mac A McDouble a hundred times its normal size. 84% without cheese. 91% with cheese. $1
Chicken Legend A long piece of Arsenical Bio-Foam (that's why it's white), dipped in pig fat and breadcrumbs in a bun with plastic lettuce and tomato. 99.99% $99.99
McNuggets A strip of chicken fat boiled, fried, and dipped in poison. 96% $10 per nugget.

A strip of potato fat boiled, fried, and dipped in poison.

96.1% $11.99 per fry.
An*s Burger A burger created from anuses of cows and horses. 90.01% $9.00
Chicken Salad A salad made from old chicken, lettuce, and tomatoes. (The only McDonald's health meal in the Unworld. 1% without poison sauce. 100% with poison sauce. $5.15
THE ULTIMATE BURGER A burger with 10 pounds of beef, horse, chicken and pig. The buns are also 5 pounds each meaning that the burger is 50 pounds. 0.001% without meat, 100% with meat All the money you can afford to spend


  • Right when you enter the restaurant Ronald will fling a Big Mac at you.
  • Also, McDonalds is super fattening if eating this for many days.