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Mars is mad. I bet it's Earth's fault.

Mars is the red planet of the Solar System, the next door neighbor of Earth, and the home of the evil martians. It is currently the most red planet in the solar system.

Mars was created when rocks started beating each other up, and getting stuck. The blood stained the planet red. Mars was mad about that. So, it floated in with a bunch of other planets. Unfortunately, it went right up to Earth. Earth is the most obnoxious planet there is.

Mars is the home of martians, who are evil aliens that do evil stuff. It is also the home of 99 aliens from Krypton. They are Superman's childhood friends. Many Space Invaders live there too.


  • Mars is a huge ball of crap.
  • Life on Mars don't exist. Wait a minute.... Yes! It does!
  • Mars is one of the most polluted planets in the universe.
  • Mars also burns.