Marge Simpson

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Marge attempting to resolve an argument.

Marge Simpson is the nagging housewife of Homer Simpson. She is also one of the biggest critics of NintenD'oh and an activist that protests about things that don't really matter. Marge Simpson is rumored to be a complete psychopath that would just as soon kill her family as feed them. We believe this to be true false, due to Marge Simpson's dangerously persistent denial of such claims.

Marge grew up as a freak because she has blue hair. She attempted to dye her hair, but it did not work because she bought blue hair dye. Now she is a natural blue with dyed blue. Marge insists that everyone try to be as polite and nonviolent as possible, but this is only because she secretly wants to kill everyone she sees cares very much about other people.

Marge Simpson was once an employee of NintenD'oh, but then she decided to quit because she hated her boss Homer Simpson, who was a fat lazy alcoholic. She then went home to her loving husband. She then divorced her loving husband and married her former boss. She has since criticized Homer's work on NintenD'oh because she liked to nag.