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Help... me...

Jinbuh is pretty much a Bubuh whose body is swiss Cheese. She was originally just another Bubuh, but her body was made into cheese because of a freak accident involving a cheese grater. She became the servant of Thimper, and rivals the Boohbah Jingbah, who also has holes in her and serves Thumper. If the Telotubs ever raid Germany, this is the only Bubuh that is left out, as they love their cheese over there.

Jinbuh is commonly considered the worst Bubuh because she hardly fights, she only weeps in the corner over her cheese body. Jinbuh technically has an advantage over the others because her odd body can make dodging bullets easier, but she never considers this. She tastes like swiss cheese, go figure. Some have said that her arms can be detached, but we've never seen such thing happen. Some pieces of Jinbuh's cheese body fall off sometimes, which Baby Yoshi would then eat. Albeit it's not considered vore, as these are just pieces of cheese that detached.

To put it short, Jinbuh is weird.