Impa's Story

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Impa's Story is a story told by Impa in the Wand of Gamelon CD-i shames. It is a lost file that was scrapped during production. It was discovered by James C. Tortellini on 11/26/07. The atory is considered to be a load of bull $h!t from Impa that did not happen.


Impa's Side (Untranslated)[edit]

This is a transcript of the story the way Impa told it:

The year was XXXX AD, and the world was on the brink of destruction. There was no hoe for humanity. Until Chuck Norris came to Hyrule. It was a magnificent site, the birds were dying, and the world was collapsing in on its self. That is when he did it. He blew it up. God [email protected]¡t he finally, truly did it. He finally overcame the evil conquerors of the world, for now.


Blah blah blah stupid made up horse $h!t.