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The iPhone 6 is the dreaded device invented by Steve Jobs and released by Apple in 2007. Steve Jobs wanted to produce more iPhones than Call of Ducky produced shames. This iPhone was made for no reason other than to accomplish this, as well as steal a bunch of stupid people's money. The iPhone 6 is actually less expensive than the iPhone 5, but this is only because it's an iPhone 5 with a bunch of parts and features removed.

The iPhone 6 is the first iPhone that can actually be realistically carried around like a cell phone. It is also the only iPhone that has any form of durability whatsoever, being loosely based on the Nokia. Though still easily breakable, the iPhone 6 generally has a longer lifespan than past iPhones. This is why Jobs made sure it could get viruses.

The iPhone 6 was only sold for about six months. After Jobs felt Everybody had one, he dropped service on them and Everybody had to go back to buy an older iPhone. Even after this, all of the stupid people remained loyal to Apple.



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