Hyper Weegee

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Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Hyper Weegee is the final form of Weegee. He is also one of the most powerful things in existence.File:Hyper Weegee theme


One day, Weegee found out (the hard way) that if Sonic found the Super Emeralds, then he would become a demigod. Weegee immediately set out on a quest to find the Super Emeralds. When he did, he became HYPER WEEGEE, destroyer of worlds. Or at least destroyer of the Chuck Norris we all knew and loved.

What to do if you ever see Hyper Weegee[edit]

This, of course, is completely irrelevant. You can NEVER see Hyper Weegee, as he moves at a speed of Mach-Fleventy Million miles per hour. However, if you see a flaming rainbow-colored object shoot out of the ground, you better run. The only place where you could possibly be safe from Hyper Weegee is in the void outside the UnMultiverse, as its only weakness is large amounts of nothing.