Hobo Pete

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Hobo Pete on Antiques Roadshow

.Hobo Pete is a deranged homeless guy who always drinks beer. His most prized possession is his "Golden Lion Statue," which is really just a McDonald's Chronicles of Narnia toy that he stole from a toddler. he is a great guy!!!!! he helps people out.  

Early Life[edit]

He was born as a genius who seemingly knew everything. It was forseen that he would one day solve the world's energy problems, but his parents dropped him on the head as a child. From then on, he was completely insane. He was placed in they "special classes" for "special people." He filed those classes, but they were able to teach him two phrases, "spare change?" and "God bless," which come in handy later in life. When he turned 18, his parents kicked him out of the house.

Mid Life Crisis[edit]

Hobo Pete was completely broke. He an snitching except some clothes and his Narnia Toy. He realized he had to make a tough decision, sell his toy or die poor. He went to the Antiques Roadshow that visited his town to get it appraised. The appraiser informed him his the is worthlessness and that it is garbage. Pete was shocked and depressed and decided to murder him which was sucessful. He spiraled into an endless depression. He challenged everything he believed in because of this harsh slap of reality.


Today Hobo Pete lives on the streets, wondering around in search of pennies and food. He faces the everyday challenge of survival. He is so ugly that everyone died.