Heavy Weapons Guy

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Heavy Weapons Guy

Om Nom Nom

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: yes
Species: Human
Home: Russia
Death: Nope.avi
AKA: Heavy
Education: I doubt it
Occupation: Mercenary
Known For: ?
UnRank: 14,055

Cquote1.png Om Nom Nom Cquote2.png
Heavy Weapons Guy, when he eats his Sandvich

Heavy Weapons Guy (also known as Heavy) is a Russian guy who loves to kill random people.


Heavy was born in Soviet Russia where he was a little dumb because he didn't receive good education. Heavy failed exams and had to join Red Army. He became a first-class soldier very fast. There he met some professional fighters like Zangief and Soda Popinski who taught him some useful tricks.

Later he moved to America to kill capitalists. That was a bad idea so he started to work as professional assassin. Heavy was hired by RED and BLU at the same time so he receives double the money.


Heavy has some professional skills in using Machine Guns. Some of them are ridiculously heavy so he had to gain a lot of strength.

Heavy is also a very good fighter. He prefers boxing as a fighting style but sometimes uses wrestling moves. He was even cloned by Soda Popinski to create pretty strong boxer Sandvich Nominski.

Heavy is one of those guys with ability to respawn but he doesn't know about this. Every time Heavy dies he wakes up in his bed and thinks that it was just a bad dream. Regarding what his day job is, he unwittingly goes out to only die again, most of the time.


  • Heavy loves eating. He made the Sandvich, a special sandwich which can't be eaten by anyone else, or they'll DIE.
  • Heavy has a very good friendship with Medic.
  • If he drinks BONK! he can stop time!
  • He has his own show called Moments with Heavy.
  • Skips once was the only Heavy to not be Russian.
  • Heavy is a horrible singer, mouthing his opera, check Exhibit A.

File:Sniper goes to an Opera File:Heavy Sings The Soviet Anthem