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Hank Hill is a middle-aged loser who sells propane. His enemy is the Hungry Pumkin and The Pumkin Army.

Early Life[edit]

Hank was born in New York City, much to his despise. His crazy, over bearing, drill sergeant father beat him every day because he was disappointed in him. When Hank was one, they moved to Arlen in Texas.

Teenage Years[edit]

Hank was a bit, different. He would always behave anti socially and distrusted everyone. He was antisocial towards the anti social children. He then snapped out of it and became addicted to learning about propane. Breaking Bad Guy taught him everything he needed to know about propane. Thus, a propane salesman was born!

Before The War[edit]

Hank Hill graduated from college, became a propane salesman, and married Peggy. They then had a son named Bobby. They bought a house in the suburbs near his friends.

The Great Pumkin War[edit]

After man years of peace in Arlen, the Pumkins invaded. Hank gathered his beer drinking friends to fight the Pumkins and take back Arlene. He created Hank Hill's Pumkin Resistance Army. Only 4 people joined, but it was enough to fight them off, temporarily.


He is a middle-aged man at a dead end job. He still enjoys selling propane and seizure. He also loves Doritos and is an extreme rival of King Isopod. He once staged a Doritos shortage in Arlen, temporarily driving Hank Hill insane.