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Johnny C., preparing to go on a killing spree on Halloween night.

This article is about the holiday. Not to be confused with the episode of Saki: The Lovely Show Spying On The Lives of All our Favorite Characters of the same name.


- A kid, wanting some Ice Sucky on Halloween

Halloween is a special holiday. It is known mostly for little kiddies going out to steal candy from people's houses. However, there is one other thing...a tradition known underground, a tradition hidden from the public eye. This tradition is known as Halloween Murder! Every night on Halloween, various killers, such as Johnny C., Captain Ahab, and Grandpa Figg stalk the streets, causing chaos. With their skills they are able to hide from police, and take down innocent people.

The Kills[edit]

Various killers, the most known being Johnny C., stalk the streets at night. In order to signal to other killers, they carve a satanic symbol into a Jack-O'-Lantern and put it in a specific place, signalling to other killers that they have killed someone. One night on October 31st, they killed 375 PEOPLE.

Death of Grandpa Figg[edit]

On the same night, Grandpa Figg was discovered and assassinated by the police using a molotov cocktail. Nobody went to his funeral.