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File:Squidward faces reality for 10 minutesThe Future is a type of time in a timeline that has not occurred yet. Albert Einstein theorize that traveling to past from the future can mess up the timeline and that's the reason why UnWar occurred and this wiki came to life. The doctors from Dr. Who time traveled to he future and now this wiki is born. There are many people who tried to travel into the future but FAILED! 

There are many different ways to get to the future. The most obvious way is using a Time Machine. The time machine, whether it be a DeLorean, a TARDIS, or some cardboard box with a time circuit, will be able to travel from now to then. If you don't want to use a time machine, you could always walk there. If you want to travel ten minutes into the future, that's a ten minute walk. Or if you want to take a car, it's a ten minute drive.

A Timeline no one really cares about[edit]

  • 2020- Self driving cars are allowed everywhere now.
  • 2021- Generation Z finally starts to have power in politics, after Baby Boomers and other shitty generations fuck off, mainly due to dying due to old age.


  • Its possible the future is also related to Using Too Much Sauce.
  • It is claimed Dr. Wily turned people into Squidward.
  • You are approaching the future as you read this.
  • Your leaving the Past as you read this.
  • I've been to the future, and I do not wish to go there again.