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Frozen is an annoying and horrible musical movie about singing and ice. The singing is so annoying that you might die. Fact: DON'T WATCH IT.

I Plot[edit]

Elsa tried to control her powers by separating herself from Anna but ended up freezing Anna. What an ironic and tragic ending.


Elsa & Anna are having a snowball fight until Anna spontaneously combusts. Elsa's parents go to the Rock Trolls and the Rock Trolls say that Elsa is in danger and they must protect her. Anna & Elsa's father suggests that they lock Elsa up into a close, so they do. If you're kid had superpowers, lock them up! Anna annoys Elsa and asks if she wants to be a snowman, but Elsa says "SHUT UP OR ELSE I WILL COME OUT AND MAKE A LIVING SNOWMAN THAT WOULD KILL YOU!" but Anna keeps on annoying her.

Elsa gets angry and steals the chocolate, and runs away. A baby cries. Anna chases Elsa for the chocolate but finds Crystoff and gets killed by carrots. The end. Then they respawn and are killed forever by Italian Dinosaurs



Cquote1.png I love this song OMG! Cquote2.png
A random girl
Cquote1.png I used to be a cow. Cquote2.png
Cquote1.png This movie almost killed me. Cquote2.png
Captain 0
Cquote1.png I only Liked the Part when they died twice and my kind was in it! THE REST OF IT SUCKED Cquote2.png


  • This movie got 1,000,000 "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" And "Let It Go" remixes.
  • This movie made earmuffs in high demand.
  • The songs that the characters sang made people's ears bleed.
  • This movie was a massive failure, even worse than If I Pay. Despite this little mainstream kids became obsessed over it.
  • Over 9001 people have died from watching this movie.
  • In late 2016, its "legacy" of being the most terrible and overrated movie might be threatened by another Didney movie which might have the same audience reactions as Frozen, but even worse a few years down the road: Moana.