Flappy Bird

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This bird is your best friend.

Flappy Bird is an (evilly) fun video shame made for the iPhone 5. It is about an alcoholic bird named Faby that is so drunk that he can not even fly properly without assistance from Player 1. It is currently the most successful shame ever created for a phone because of the commie who created it's power to hypnotize all its players. Flappy Bird has since been removed from the App Store because screw you.


Flappy Bird was first created by a commie (Expand Dong Nguyen) in his little commie land (Vietnam). Then he gave the game to Android and Apple, who then helped him sell the shame and get super rich (despite being a commie). This made him rich and Everybody played it. But then Everybody tried to kill him that's the reason why he removed the shame.


  • It is a blatant rip off of Angry Birds because they both involve birds and anger. It is different because Angry Birds focuses more on the birds while Flappy Bird focuses more on the angry.
  • This shame is most well known for making stupid people angry.
  • Flappy Bird is like playing Angry Birds except the person who plays it is angry.
  • Some theories suggest that Vietnam is trying to rule over the world. But Dong Nguyen failed because instead of him killing people, it ended up people trying to kill him.