First Pickle War

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First Pickle War
Pickle War.png

January 1, 1728


December 31, 1728

  • Creation of Pickle Land
  • Protection of Pickles
Major battles
  • Pickle Debate
  • Battle of South Africa
  • Pickle Land Infiltrations
  • The First Battle of Pickle City
  • The Second Battle of Pickle City




Theodore Pickleson

Arnold Hungryson

The First Pickle War was a war that was fought between the Humans and the Pickles during 1728. It mainly took place in central Africa, and was mainly fought over the pickle hunting and consumption debate, and the pickle territory acts. It resulted with the creation of Pickle Land, but it was soon followed by the Second Pickle War.

Leading Up To the War[edit]

Soon after humans and pickles came into contact with each other, the humans started hunting and sometimes even eating pickles. The pickles, fearing for their lives, called for a meeting in Africa. This became known as the Pickle Debate. Pickles demanded rights, and humans demanded food, and they tried to eat the pickles.

The pickles retreated, and Theodore Pickleson started an all-pickle meeting. He soon convinced the pickles to declare war on the humans.


Preparation for the War[edit]

Soon after the declaration of war, Theodore Pickleson gathered a pickle army. Arnold Hungryson rallied the humans, as he was an anti-pickle activist. The two of them both built exactly four tanks, no more. Nobody knows why.

The Battle of South Africa[edit]

The pickles sent their army into South Africa as revenge for getting eaten. The humans ate some of the army, but it's hard to eat a pickle with a gun. The pickles won this battle, but were forced to retreat due to landmines in the area.

Creation of Pickle Land[edit]

The pickles, believing the war was over, decided to start a pickle-friendly nation, called Pickle Land. On February 14, 1728, they created the Pickle Monarchy with Theodore Pickleson as their military leader. After Pickle Land was founded, it struggled with its government due to humans in pickle costumes. They were discovered, and the pickles were mad.

The Battles of Pickle City[edit]

After several small skirmishes, the humans invaded Pickle City on August 3, 1728. The pickles were fairly easy to kick aside and march through, but the humans did not realize they were outnumbered 100 to 1. The pickles swarmed, and the humans were pushed back.

The humans attacked again on October 12, 1728. This time, they had enough soldiers to destroy all of Pickle Land. They sent them in, and Arnold Hungryson was murdered by pickle assassins. Without a commander, the soldiers didn't know what to do. So, they just charged. However, they did not anticipate the Pickle Monster, which annihilated the humans, and won the war.


The pickles forced the human leaders in every country of the world to sign a peace treaty on the threat of a war. Of course, this was an empty threat, and only a few countries actually signed. However, pickles in Pickle Land were safe from human harm, for the most part.