End of Days

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The End of Days (otherwise known as the End of the World, End of the UnWorld, or End of All) is what will happen one day after everything is done and there is really nothing new to do. This is the last thing that will ever happen. With the exception of the Undefeatables, Nobody knows how this will come about. We only have a general idea. Much of our knowledge on this topic comes from religious texts and messages from God.

Theoretically this event could be avoided altogether if we find more things to do, but that's just a theory, and besides, Chuck Norris will repair and upgrade the UnOmniverse after this and The end and beyond...


Signs of the End[edit]

  1. A huge battle takes place. We do not know the circumstance of the battle, but there will be good guys, bad guys, and explosions as far as the eye can see.
  2. A cat of unknown origin will make All your base are belong to us. Scientists have yet to understand the message.
  3. Adolf Hitler, Vendetta Williams and Toka Ryuumonbuchi will come back to life through satanic means.
  4. World War III will begin.
  5. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee will engage in the final fight, kickstarting the End of Days.

Once the End is Upon Us[edit]

  1. The Four Sponges of the Apocalypse will descend upon the UnWorld.
  2. Civilization will crumble and the world will be thrown into chaos.
  3. Happycat NEDMs the fabric of reality, destroying the UnUniverse.
  4. Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks the fabric of the UnOmniverse, effectively destroying the UnMultiverse and ending time, space, and existence.
  5. We reach the final stage in time: The end and beyond...