Elmo Stinks

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What the cover says

Elmo Stinks is a "revolutionary" video shame that was produced by visionary genius Elmo and business expert Ernie while they were drunk on Kool-Aid after that one party. Elmo Stinks is a spinoff of Grand Theft Sesame Street and often considered to be "stupid". Other critics deem it "dumb", but most say "stupid". Big Bird said it was "awesome", but Big Bird is "dumb", "stupid", and "dorkarific".

Elmo first came up with the idea after a conversation he had with Ernie. Both were incredibly drunk, so they decided to smell each other. Elmo said to Ernie "You stink." Then Ernie said "No, you stink." Elmo, struck by inspiration, shot inspiration for striking him. He then created the shame Elmo Stinks. A breakthrough in stupid shames, it allows the player to stink while playing as Elmo. Woondar was also drunk on Kool-Aid, but he had nothing whatsoever to do with the game. Well, he played it, so I guess I lied there.

100% Completion[edit]

You must do all of these things to attain 100% completion:

  • Complete every mission
    • Elmo Begins to Stink
    • Elmo Still Stinks
    • Elmo Really Stinks
    • Elmo Will Stink for Eternity
  • Kill Everybody
  • Purchase an Apartment
  • Blow Up Said Apartment
  • Use Every Weapon
  • Complete Every Stunt Jump
  • Win