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Contrary to popular belief, his real name is not Oobi.

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Cquote1.png I will CONQUER THE WORLD!!! Cquote2.png
Ducky after George W. Bush asks about his next move.

Cquote1.png The Ducky Empire has been established on this fine Thursday afternoon! A day that shall be written into every textbook in the UnWorld!!! Our glorious nation shall rule the whole world! We shall make them tremble before us. We shall make them obey our every command. The Ducky Legion shall be our tool to unite the world under one central rule. All under MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! The reigns of other rulers shall come to an end. Leonidas is DONE! Princess Peach is DONE! Ryuumonbuchi is DONE! George W. Bush, DONE! It's time that the world knew how us Handpuppets were treated!!!! They shall feel our pain! Our Agony that I shall avenge! It's time for the tyranny and oppression to END!!! It's time for THEM to be oppressed! Heck! I should make them all slaves! All who dare question the name of Ducky. All the schoolchildren of UnAmerica and Japan who laugh at it because it sound funny! The world shall enter a new age! The Ducky Empire, It Is Time To Rise!!! Cquote2.png
Ducky during the First Ducky War, soon to take over Spain.

Ducky is an evil handpuppet who is the first, and current, ruler of the (semi) powerful Ducky Empire. He is the instigator of the 1st Ducky War, and is rumored to have started the 2nd Ducky War as well, but this could easily have been Dark Ducky. He is presently dating Midna, who is dating him out of jealousy for Zelda, and has a habit of shouting at his minions when they have failed him. He is rumored to be preparing an invasion of UnAmerica. One of his most confusing enemies are Senior Second Incarnation or Senor Third Incarnation. It also seemed to dislike Frieza for unknown reasons. Contrary to popular belief, he and Donald Trump are good friends.

Ducky looking his nicest



Not much is known about Ducky's origin, only that he is what happened when a child's imagination meets Chuck Norris, with a batch of Skyrim and command Conquer added in for good measure.

Dating Midna[edit]

During the 2nd Ducky War, Ducky made an alliance with Midna during his campaign in Hyrule. This alliance turned to something else as Ducky and Midna became more than just friends, though Midna may have done this due to her jealousy towards Zelda.

Rivalry with Dark Ducky[edit]

Ducky has fought with his mysterious rival, Dark Ducky, a grand total of 3,456,789,987,123,589,612 times which caused the death of 23,456,344,566,644,837,790,533 people across the globe. Ducky is determined to kill his rival once and for all, even if he has to double the amount of casualties his rivalry has caused to do so.

"We stand strong, we stand united...and the world will tremble before us!!" - Ducky giving a speech after the New Spanish War

Notable Actions[edit]

Ducky founded the Ducky Empire, which served as his base of operations for the 1st Ducky War, and is its first, and current ruler, leading the people through a measure of ways such as yelling at them (and shouting FUS RO DAH ore rendering them INVALID! if they fail him).

Ducky is confirmed to have instigated the conflict known only as the 1st Ducky War, where he emerged (semi) victorious, causing lots of Goombas to lose their lives and stealing Fire Flowers to grow in the Ducky Empire.

The Old War[edit]

After Barrack Obama did not attend Dr. Robotnik's party in Soviet Russia, the enraged doctor declared war on UnAmerica. Obama felt less manly and he declared war on the Ducky Empire. Ducky would not stand for it and threatened to unleash a volley of Snowtomic Bombs at UnAmerica is Obama invaded.

Ducky Deployed the Ducky Legion against the UnAmerican forces during the smaller conflict known as the New Spanish War. As Ducky had returned Spain to the Spanish following the end of the 2nd Ducky War, Ducky felt compelled to defend it alongside the Spanish. The battle was hard, with many people dying, but in the end the UnAmericans withdrew.

Ducky continues to remind the UnAmericans that if they invade or fire any weapon that Blows stuff up at the Ducky Empire, they will receive a return volley of Snowtomic Bombs.

Vs Shao Kahn[edit]

One day, Ducky was staring out over the expanse of his (semi) powerful empire when he noticed a portal opening at the gates of Duckopolis. When he investigated, out came Shang Tsung and Ducky and him fought. And, as expected, Shang Tsung was pwned like the N00b he is. But then out came Shao Kahn and the battle that followed was nothing short of legendary, claiming the lives of untold amounts of people, plus an army from the Squadala Empire that thought it was a good day for an invasion. Though the many aforementioned lives were lost, Ducky stood triumphant and unleashed a Kill Quack though the portal as Shao Kahn was retreating, killing no less than 9876655876790088 Outworlders.

List of Accomplishments[edit]

  • Founded the Ducky Empire
  • Started the 1st Ducky War
  • Stopped an army from the Squadala Empire single Handedly (Some say he yelled FUS RO DAH, while others say he fired a machine gun)
  • Conquered the southern half of the Mushroom Kingdom, later returned it to Peach following the end of the war.
  • Signed the treaty that ended the 1st Ducky War
  • Is rumored to have started the 2nd Ducky War
  • Fought with his rival, Dark Ducky, in Kakariko Village, destroying it and releasing Bongo Bongo from its prison.
  • Started Dating Midna (though she says its to make Link jealous of her)
  • Signed the treaty that ended the 2nd Ducky War.
    Ducky demonstrating his powers.
  • Continued to battle with Dark Ducky, their rivalry never coming to a decisive conclusion, killing LOTS of people in the process.
  • He is the reason you were born.


A table of Ducky's (known) powers.
FUS RO DAH(confirmed in 1st Ducky War)
INVALID! (is the inventor of this power)
Kill Quack (confirmed during his duel with dark Ducky in the 2nd Ducky War, causing Kakariko Village to be destroyed and releasing Bongo Bongo from its prison)
Teleportation (learned from Midna)

That F*cking Dress (also known as Peas in Guacamole, Hearts on Twitter, Red Starbucks Cups, Yanny or Laurel or Brainstorm or Green Needle; infamous for turning the internet into a place that would make Squadala Knights scared by creating pointless debates, giving the media the excuse to publicize random stuff [that and because it was a slow news day], and being the cancer that is killing the Internet. The last time he used this, a school shooting in Texas, a plane crash in Cuba, and a British royal wedding thankfully managed to save the day.)

Rumors about Ducky[edit]

  • Ducky is rumored to have stopped an army from the Squadala Empire by yelling FUS RO DAH!
  • Ducky cloned himself and made Dark Ducky.
  • Ducky is thought to be in a lot of categories
  • Ducky is in fact NOT dead serious. He like jokes.
  • Ducky is your father.
  • Ducky was rumored to be related to Oobi, which was later proven true.