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Cquote1.png WUB! WUB! WUB! Cquote2.png
—''', Dubstep
Cquote1.png BANGARANG! BANG! Cquote2.png
—''', Skrillex singing a song.
See the difference between dubstep and music?

Dubstep is a kind of music that was discovered by a guy named Michael Jackson. When he and his pet monkey were recording a song, the music recorder was broken. The song that they were recording was distorted and as a result of it, the song was released anyway and it was named Dubstep.

He called it "Dubstep" after the name of his monkey. Dubstep became popular ever since an old lady created a song full of dubstep sounds including "WUB,  WISCHMOPP, and DROP THE BASS!"

File:The First Dubstep Ever Made The video on the left side is the first ever dubstep recorded. The first dubstep was a little hoarse and confusing, but an old lady improved it using her sophisticated thingamajig.

No one knows what does "WUB" means and why they included it on dubstep. All I know is that "WUB" term comes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

An old lovely lady performing in front of the crowd.

Dubstep's enemy is Classical Music, and the Old Lady who created Dubstep is horribly allergic to it. She is so kind and lovely, that's why I love her. She is performing in front of the crowd. She is so popular!

Smart people who like Dubstep[edit]


There is no such thing as smart people liking dubstep. Only cool guys listen to Dubstep because smart people are nerds. Real men listen to Dubstep.

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