Dr. Psychopathic Robot the Fatso

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Dr. Psychopathic Robot the Fatso is a crazy, obese, dead, robot doctor who was a human until BOOM!


Robot Dr. Psycho McFatso was born as Jeremy Mason in Raccoon City in the 1970's. As a young kid, he was a good guy. Everyone loved him. He joined the Raccoon City Police Department and excelled at protecting the city. He still gave people the be over of the doubt, even after encouraging countless bad guys. In 1999, his great life changed forever. He witnessed his entire family being gruesomely murdered the the hands and mouths of zombies.

He saw countless police officer die, trying to defend the town. Then, BOOM! struck. Surprisingly, he survived. He was hiding in a fridge when the explosion went off, his body was mostly intact, but he was dead. A mad scientist, looking for zombies,found him, and brought him back to life. He ha slots many of his limbs, so he reconstructed them with robotic parts and machines.

He became depressed, and went into a depression that seemed endless. He then planned his revenge against Umbrella Corporation and others responsible for his life turning to garbage. He announced that he won't stop until he destroyed them on 11/28/12, when he interrupted television communication. Nobody took him seriously, and nicknamed him Dr. Psycho McFatso.


  • Only the T-2500.5 calls him Jeremy, but sill doesn't take him seriously.
  • He died during a war.