Donald Duck

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Donald Dum-Dum Duck
Donald Duck.jpg

I think someone told him he needs to take a bath.

Gender: Male (we think)
Hair color: Birds have feathers.
Eye color: Hateful
Species: Duck
Home: Mickey Mouse's Fun House
Death: Duck Season
AKA: Dede
Likes: Bread
Dislikes: Duck hunt
Education: Insert Education Here
Occupation: Unemployed
Known For: Quacking
UnRank: 123

Donald D. Duck is a guy who has a bunch of feathers. He hides out around Mickey Mouse's Fun House trying to figure out where the Great Mouse Treasure is. There isn't one, but trying telling that to him!


Donald Duck was born to a bunch of stupid ducks in 1922. He was raised by the same stupid ducks, and he became a stupid duck. The stupid ducks were eventually served as dinner one day, so Donald ran away, and hid under a dumpster. He stayed there until Bill Gates told him to get out of his dumpster!

Donald went into Possum City where everyone tried to shoot him. He spent three years as a mob member before he accidentally poisoned himself. He almost died, but Fatman saved him. He ran for it, and hid in Sesame Street. It was the same thing here, but this time, he knew better than to poison himself.

Donald eventually tried to hide in Canada, but RobotnikClause is allergic to ducks, so he was kicked out. Then, Mickey Mouse found him, and took him in. Mickey mutated Donald so he was a talking duck, and then gave him a home at the fun house. Donald would have left, but when Mickey said "Want some tea?" Donald thought he said "I'm going to let you in on a secret. The Great Mouse Treasure is hidden in this house! Don't tell anyone! Okay?" Donald spends several hours a day trying to find this treasure. Don't tell Donald it doesn't exist...

Donald, when not searching for fictional treasures, can be found in arcades playing Duck Hunt ("DIE AUNTIE DUCK!"), burning ants ("YOU HAD IT COMING!"), or occasionally robbing banks ("I deserve the money more than they do!").

Despite his stupidity, he would still make a better president than Donald Trump. Donald Trump is 100 times stupider than Donald Duck. They do have some similarities, though. First of all, Trump spends several hours a day trying to think of how he's going to build a (fictional) wall. Second of all, both of them are very easily angered. But, due to Donald Duck not being racist or sexist, he would make America quack again.

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