Death the Kid

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Cquote1.png You make me sick, GET AWAY!!! Cquote2.png
Death the Kid yelling at a doge-cat-thingy or whatever
Cquote1.png What's that? What did you say? 7? NO, IT CAN'T BE 7!!! SAY 8, DAMMIT!!! 8 IS BETTER!!! Cquote2.png
Death the Kid yelling at Soul
Death the Kid

GAAAAAAAAAAH!!! *spits up blood*

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black with 3 white stripes
Eye color: Yellow
Species: Human? Or maybe he's a robot!
Death: None
AKA: The annoying neighborhood kid who has OCD
Likes: Symmetry
Dislikes: No symmetry
Education: His dad, the Grim Reaper
Occupation: Meister, or whatever that is, Grim Reaper (like his dad)
Known For: Having an obsession with symmetry
UnRank: 1,000,001

Background Information[edit]

He's some annoying kid who has OCD and likes symmetry. Rumor has it is that he's not human.

Role in the Great Zambie Apocalypse[edit]

He was too busy obsessing about symmetry in order for him to notice. When the apocalypse ended, Kid still did not know that it ever happened.


An artist's interpretation on what Kid would look like as a robot

Many philosophers such as Not Voldemort and Mabel Pines believe that Kid may possibly be a robot, which would explain his strange behavior. But how would he bleed blood? Maybe he's an android. Another rumor is that he is Dib Membrane's brother, but that's illogical. The final rumor is that Kid attempted to date Matryoshka Miku, but he got rejected by her.



He is a member of the Kittenzii Army and gets paid 1 billion dollars an hour just to kill people like Steve.


  • He hates BREAKFAST! sandwiches for some reason. Especially egg McMuffins.
  • It's pretty obvious that his weakness is something not being symmetrical. If this happens, his circuits will fry.
  • Wait, is he a robot? Maybe, I guess, I dunno.
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