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Jeff got kicked in his boingloings.
Not to be confused with the superior pasta.

Creepypasta is a website where everyone creates and submit crappy stories like Slender Man

Creepypasta has been created since the day people started submitting scary stories in the internet. Creepypasta is well-known for its stories like Sonic.exe and Squidward's Suicide,

Creepypasta's current articles are over 9000 billion. It means that Creepypasta is popular and that it is full of crappy and boring stories. One of the most greatest story ever submitted in Creepypasta was How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You.

Since all the stories there are crappy, many people created a parody of Creepypasta like Trollpasta, Crappypasta, etc. If you submitted a story there it is still crap. People will just laugh at your story. 

Tip: If you want to submit a story in Creepypasta, your story must be great and not crappy.  

This is a creepypasta!

Oh, and also: Do not read too much creepypasta stories. You might become stupid just like the authors of those crappy stories. Scientist researchers say that reading too much creepypasta can affect your brain. So remember, don't read too much creepypasta.

The picture on the left side of your screen is the creator of Creepypasta.