Cone of Shame

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Dug wearing the cone of shame.
Cquote1.png I do not like the cone of shame. Cquote2.png
Dug on the cone of shame.

The Cone of Shame is an award granted to dogs who show incompetence and idiocy in the line of combat. Numerous dogs have been granted this UnPrestigious award since its creation in 1810. When a dog is given the cone of shame, he must wear it until he is given a pardon or he simply removes it (but dogs forget how to remove it because they are stupid).

The cone of shame was first created by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1810. After he created the Medal of Dishonor, he began awarding it to Everybody. But then he lost a lot of money (due to gambling problems) and had to replace his horses with dogs. Many of these dogs were stupid. He began awarding the medal of dishonor to them, but then realized dogs don't wear medals. He then made them cones instead. This became the cone of shame.

Known Recipients[edit]