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Captain 1 is an evil captain which is the utter opposite of Captain 0 except that he is the sum of 0+1. This is his evil formula to do random evil things. In other words, he is the main antagonist of the UnUniverse.

Relationship with Captain 0[edit]

He is the mascot of Anything Wiki and kills anyone on spot if some writes false information. The people on Anything Wiki are people that read encyclopedias all day, and people that got kicked out of Wikipedia for entering reasonable information. He always wants to kill Captain 0 and always has tedious plans. He hates memes and all other forms of fun, so he will kill trolls, YTMND fads and other fun things. He would do anything to get rid of UnAnything Wiki and is the only guy to hate Chuck Norris.

He had combined the most evil parts of the most evil inventions to create an ultimate telescope used for stalikng Captain 0 and Unanything Wiki. He may be one of the weaker villains, yet he is one of the biggest threats to the UnUniverse!

The Gr8 War[edit]

Captain 1 once tried to destroy the Zimbies by creating monsters called coal people to destroy them. Luckily, Tiger Tail and the boys foiled his plan and defeated him.


  • He has a second home in Hell, were he thinks up evil things to do with Adolf Hitler, Hitler's clone and the Teletubbies.
  • He always dreams about strangling Captain 0.
  • Captain 1 is actually closer to Captain 0 than you'd think, because Captain Zero is #1, and Captain 1 is a really big zero.
  • Captain 1 is after Captain 2 because of math. Math is good.
  • He's evil, but the Satanist number captains are worse.